A Positive Start To The New Year

So! 2021 is here and with the start of a New Year and all of the excitement that it brings. Following on from 2020 (need we really say more?) 2021 hopes to be different and at My Kids Tribe we want to celebrate this change in mindset with our positive pieces for your little ones. Committed to bringing you the best independent children’s brands and more, our team have hand selected our top positive goodies to help nurture your little ones this January and to help make their mental wellness wellbeing your focus.

Mental Health & Wellbeing. Life long gifts we can give to our little ones.. X

Worry Journal

A Worry Workbook for kids to help them deal with anxiety with the help of a Worry Owl!

With a huge change in our daily lives it comes as no surprise that our littles ones may be feeling more anxious than usual. Whilst daily worries, stresses and anxieties are perfectly normal they can be difficult to manage and may, at times, overwhelm. My Little Book of Worries is perfect for parents who want to help their children (ages 5-11) manage their worries and explore these often confusing feelings. Our clients have said that a little bit of guidance, an explanation into the feelings and (of course) lots of love and support can really have a healthy impact on their little ones and help them to to understand why they worry, recognise the signs of worrying and discover strategies to manage worries.

Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds X

Lets go ECO - yoga book for children

Lets go ECO!

Curious about the Earth and all of its wonder, Pip and Rupert embark on a journey of Yoga & Mindfulness, to access their inner Guru’s and own inner wisdom.

Did you know that yoga helps improve posture, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and motor skills? What’s more, the fun and healthy activity helps children recognise and honour all emotions and learn to trust their instincts. Breathing techniques help to increase their energy whilst decreasing anxiety providing effective coping strategies for stress – the perfect activity for being at home. Not only does ‘Lets go ECO!’ contain a series of Yoga poses (‘The Wisdom Sequence’), fun for the whole family, but there are easy to follow hints and tips to help children on their pathway to learning.

Positive Fashion X

broaden THEIr sense of possibility and open THEIr mind, allowiNG youR LITTLE ONES to build new skills


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You are what you eat, how about you are what you wear? In case you haven’t seen, our Positivitees T-shirts are one of our most popular children’s wellbeing products. Funky, fun and full of positive vibes this fun collection of t shirts are gender neutral, positive quote T-shirts. We believe kids should be different & individual, and we should all celebrate their unique traits.  What better way to show it off by wearing on a T-shirt are gender neutral, positive quote T-shirts!

Support Your Child’s Emotional Development x


The Little Book of You, Me and My Feelings

The Little Book of You, Me and My Feelings is a book for parents and children to explore emotions, build connections and develop tools for wellbeing. It is a unique combination of journal and self awareness book for young children, and is the perfect guidebook for the modern, conscious parent wanting to support their child’s emotional development.

D Is For Determined…


Encourage Positive Thinking, Resilience, Improved Self-Esteem & Confidence

Kids who feel good about themselves have the confidence to try new things. They are more likely to try their best. They feel proud of what they can do. Self-esteem helps kids cope with mistakes. It helps kids try again, even if they fail at first. Modern childhood is increasingly demanding and is taking it’s toll on children’s emotional wellbeing. Affirmations are just one way that you can support your child to develop the skills needed for keeping themselves emotionally well. Discover our fabulous Alphabet Affirmation cards.

We hope to inspire with our selection of positive products to start 2021. On behalf of all of the team at My Kids Tribe we wish you health, wealth and happiness and thank you for your continues love and support X