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Started in 2017 by founder and creator Fawn, My Kids Tribe was inspired by Britain’s many talented designers and entrepreneurs.

Bringing the very best of British together, My Kids Tribe was launched as a one stop shop dedicated to bringing you the best British brands for your little ones that you won’t find on the High Street.

Working in the fashion industry for over 10 years and with a passion for children’s development MKT brings together two of Fawn’s passions that bring joy, happiness and fun into our World.

At MKT our goal is to support busy parents who are looking for something unique and stylish for their little ones, whilst also helping to grow independent businesses in the UK.  We focus on sustainability and wellbeing and help to encourage both parents and children to think about being kinder to our planet, to each other and to ourselves.

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Passionate about inspiring children to be open and talk about their feelings, we work with brands that promote emotional development and support kids helping them to know that they are safe expressing themselves, in being unique and that they are truly special.

We believe that being individual and unique is more important than ever which is why we want to give our little tribe the voice to express their creativity through the amazing brands we work with. Growing up in a world where there is so much pressure and stress, MKT offers children tools for them to learn about being themselves, the world around them and how their uniqueness can inspire and promote change. A smile, a thank you and a healthy attitude are all gifts that we can encourage within our little ones that they can bring back into the world.

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