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Cuddledry was founded in 2006 by two mums and long term friends – Polly and Helen – after the births of our first children. After realising everyone faced the same stressful juggling act with towel and baby at bath time, we decided there was a simple solution to make everyone’s lives easier and safer. The name Cuddledry came without thinking too hard – as it describes exactly what we wanted to achieve – a way to simply cuddle your baby dry in your arms with total confidence, naturally, easily, happily, and safely. That desire to be helpful remains deeply embedded in everything we do.The Original Cuddledry bath towel has won dozens of awards for its simple design, which has now stood the test of time against many alternatives. As our bath time range grew, not only did we want our products to be best suited to the job, we wanted them to be ethically made, and sustainable for the planet too.

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